Project Description

The Gramophone is the final piece of the jigsaw in the £250 million redevelopment of the former headquarters of EMI. It will provide an exciting new cultural hub that will encapsulate the unique musical history of the local area. The building will house cinema screens, an interactive EMI exhibition, a café/bar, flexible workspace and a variety of community meeting rooms, including karaoke booths.

Planning permission for the building was granted in October 2016 and subsequently the partial demolition began while retaining the locally listed façade.

Following the submission of a Section 73 Application to vary a number of the planning conditions from the original planning application and to allow for minor material changes to the building design, planning permission was granted in March 2021.

The aim of these modifications is to create a more active glazed frontage, interacting with pedestrianised space between the current and adjacent sites, and to increase the provision of cinema screens, sound insulation and energy and sustainability details.

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Our Role – Development & Project Management

Managing the project to date, which comprises the following:

  • Appointing the professional team
  • Working with local community stakeholders to ensure the scheme creates a cultural hub
  • Working with the Greater London Authority in relation to funding for the scheme
  • Reviewing legal documentation in relation to the project
  • Preparation and submission of a Pre-Application to the Local Planning Authority
  • Preparation and submission of a Section 96A Application and securing the consent
  • Preparation and submission of a Section 73 Application
  • Undertaking negotiations with the Local Planning Authority and other stakeholders
  • Managing the professional team to RIBA Stage 4
  • Preparation of the tender documentation
  • Managing the tender process
  • Appointment of the contractor
  • Management of contract
  • Issuing the contract documentation
  • Contract administration